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The Florida Quilt Museum

Thank You! benefactors Make the Museum Possible


Donations of Historic Quilts, Vintage Lace, Cross-Stitch and Sewing Related Antiques

Many Quilt Museum benefactors have given family heirloom quilts, vintage lace, antique cross-stitch, button collections and other antique sewing related items. Some benefactors have made items for the Quilt Museum Gift Shop with the proceeds going to support the Quilt Museum and others have helped in creative ways.

Donations of Cash

There is no charge to visit the Florida Quilt Museum, however, cash donations by our visitors of $1, $5, $10 or $20 have made it possible to provide  insurance and security for the Quilt Museum's precious exhibits. We appreciate your visits and your thoughtful donations.

Founder Donations

Stephanie and Paul Metts founded The Florida Quilt Museum in January of 2015. In addition to Stephanie's boundless time and effort, Stephanie and Paul have made cash donations approximating $25,000 per year since the Museum's creation.