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Shown is a portion of the American Quilt Study Group's Basket Quilt Exhibit secured by Quilt Museum Board Member Kathy Cray

Senators Bradley and Simpson Support Historic Grant Funding for The Florida Quilt Museum in Trenton


Thank You to Senator Rob Bradley, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Senate Majority Leader Wilton Simpson!!! We encourage all quilters and rural residents throughout their voting districts to support these two visionary Florida Senators.

Unfortunately, the efforts of Senators Bradley and Simpson were negated by a "Line-Item" VETO from Rick Scott, Florida’s Governor. Scott has been described as an elitist, entitled, urban focused politician. Scott's Veto conveys the message that he doesn’t care about rural Floridians.


Former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum described Scott by saying, 

"This is a man who barely escaped imprisonment, whose failure in business has been portrayed on national news and around the world. He is an embarrassment."

Alex Sink, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer issued a similar critique saying,

“Scott's company -- Columbia/HCA -- had pleaded guilty to 14 felonies as part of a federal fraud investigation and was forced to pay a record $1.7 billion.”

We urge your opposition to any future office, Scott, an apparent anti-rural politician attempts to secure.

We appreciate the vision and leadership that Senators Bradley and Simpson showed by supporting recommendations of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation to acquire Trenton’s oldest commercial structure, the 1910 Florida Quilt Museum. This would have ensured its availability to Florida Citizens and Out of State Visitors for generations to come, and is one of the very few options available to promote economic development and tourism in rural communities such as Trenton. 

FABULOUS! Is the most common word used by Museum visitors

The Florida Quilt Museum is located in Trenton’s oldest commercial building, a 1910 dry goods store that once sold horse collars and coffins. 

Three national quilting superstars are being featured

Long time quilters Teddy Pruett, an internationally recognized quilt and textile historian and Kathy Cray formerly a member of the board with The American Quilt Study Group, currently have their quilts on display. Teddy and Kathy were  joined in early March by Mary Kerr an award winning quilter and the author of six popular quilting books. See Mary Kerr's quilts under the Exhibits Section entitled, "A Quilted Memory".

The Florida Quilt Museum is also home to The Florida Quilt Trail

The Florida Quilt Trail originates in Trenton and encompasses  twenty nearby cities. 

For more information about The Florida Quilt Trail, click the Florida Quilt Trail "Action Button" below.

Our newest Exhibit Basket Quilts thru 5/31/2018

This Exhibit is Courtesy of the American Quilt Study Group & Quilt Museum Board Member Kathy Cray

The American Quilt Study Group encourages sound research in quilt history and provides opportunities for sharing discoveries. It was founded in 1980 by a group who believes that quilts hold unique stories and essential history. 

The AQSG quilt study challenges members to learn the history of an individual quilt by selecting one that addresses a specified design, style, or period.  Members then make a small quilt that replicates or interprets the original and share their discoveries. 

The 2016 quilt study theme, 19th Century Baskets, addresses a popular American motif.  The basket is the only human-made object that appears consistently in all styles, techniques, and periods of quilt making.  It may be no coincidence that around the world baskets, like quilts, usually were made by women, often as a communal activity.

A basket is a symbol of women’s traditional daily work: the gathering, storing, and carrying of food and necessities. Baskets represent the burdens and joys of their lives. Filled with food or flowers, the basket becomes a symbol of abundance, hospitality, hope, and giving.  Filled with eggs, it becomes a symbol of fertility.  As quilt enthusiasts, baskets reach deep into our (mostly feminine) hearts.

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